Friday, July 30, 2010

Life in a metro


I was born there and so was my mom
And being born in a metro
Had its charms.
The fun, the frolic
The fast paced life
I stood out just like the other one lakh sixty five.
Showered with all the necessities and more
All my demands were fulfilled
And life was so, not a bore.
As I grew up
I caught the party bug
Discos and DJs
Became the thing for the year.
But being born in a metro city
That too one like Delhi
Had its pros and its cons.
There was fun
And there was freedom
But so was pollution
And abduction.
So many crimes
So much hatred
No patience
Was I made to see all of this?
People fought
And people killed
For things I considered petty
This part of city life
You can say is not pretty.
Amongst all this chaos
I had to preserve my identity
Have the values
That were meant to be.
Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Chennai,
And so many more
The metro cities in India
Are to die for.
But certainly the debate is still on
Is it the good life or the bad?
But here I can safely say
Being born in a metro
Has its charms.

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