Sunday, January 31, 2010


She is a friend, I have no doubts

Not only to me, but others as well.

Seems kind of perfect

The nice girl, the cute girl

The girl who helps everyone.

Bubbly pink and fiery red

She has all the colours in her.

But every coin has two sides

So good is not her only attribute.

She also has grey in her

Shades of it, I guess.

A little posey, a little pretending

But still caring, is she?

I wonder what her true self is

Is she the angel or the opposite?

Everyone seems to think highly of her

But I want to break the pattern

Show her true colours

To the people, her friends.

She is not what she seems to be

Atleast that’s what I think.

This goes out to you my dear

The mask’s off

I know who you are

I know what you’re

And i exactly know what you’re pretending to be

You may have fooled everyone else

But alas! Not me.

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