Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I dnt noe wat 2 say
I dnt noe wat 2 write
What is that m feeling..??
I am feeling something, ryt..!!??
I am so confused
As to who I love and hate
Was it him or was it her..???
That not my usual trait.
I am completely emotionless now
I dnt feel a thing..
Or is it thoughtless that I am..??
Still a smile on my face,I can bring.
When I am next to him
I laugh on all his jokes
But as I was saying
Sumthing inside me pokes.
No, I do not love him
As u may be thinking
Hez just my friend
but all this iz really stinking.
Lets talk bout her now
I smile with her all the time
N she says m quiter now
Gawd, this fuckn rhyms.
Another friend of mine I have
He hasn’t talked to me in a year
He hurt me so bad
I just could not bear.
But now he’s sorry
For what he did to me
Should I nevr 4give him…??
Or just let it be..??
I spend my time with these people
I apparently call them my friends
I laugh and smile
M just following the latest trends.
I am so confused
As to who I love and hate..??
I just wish I knew what to do..
Or is this my stupid fate..???
Some thing inside me has died
Wish I cud revive the dead
But I am confused as u already noe
Everythings mixed up in my head.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my sleep

My sleep
I’m awake up in the night,
And I stare at the roof….
And don’t think that I’m in love,
Hell, go ahead I can’t give u ne proof.
I lie down and wait for the sleep to descend,
But all I get is my freakin head,
Thinking stuff that ill forget in the morn,
And so that’s the story of me in my bed.
Wait…it’s not the end,
As they say it’s just the beginning,
I’m just starting to tell u bout my fight,
All this for mere sleeping.
I sit and wait,
It seems a long time b4 the sleep gods will smile,
And with all the waiting,
I feel like a slouchy pile….
It’s not that I don’t wanna sleep,
I certainly want to,
But something or sum1 wishes I don’t,
What has all this come to.
U probably think I’m a stupid freak,
Who has nothing else to do,
Than to write a stupid poem,
Guess what, you’re wrong, I have some sleeping to do…..!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

heyyyy guys....this iz my blog and it'll have evrything bout my life.....sumtimes in article form n mostly poetic....!!! ive ritn poems both in english and hindi b4 but nvr had it in a ill be riting poems bout the things dat i feel....stuff i go thru with....m gona share almost everything with u guys....!!! hope ull njoi being a part f my lyf..!!!!!