Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I dnt noe wat 2 say
I dnt noe wat 2 write
What is that m feeling..??
I am feeling something, ryt..!!??
I am so confused
As to who I love and hate
Was it him or was it her..???
That not my usual trait.
I am completely emotionless now
I dnt feel a thing..
Or is it thoughtless that I am..??
Still a smile on my face,I can bring.
When I am next to him
I laugh on all his jokes
But as I was saying
Sumthing inside me pokes.
No, I do not love him
As u may be thinking
Hez just my friend
but all this iz really stinking.
Lets talk bout her now
I smile with her all the time
N she says m quiter now
Gawd, this fuckn rhyms.
Another friend of mine I have
He hasn’t talked to me in a year
He hurt me so bad
I just could not bear.
But now he’s sorry
For what he did to me
Should I nevr 4give him…??
Or just let it be..??
I spend my time with these people
I apparently call them my friends
I laugh and smile
M just following the latest trends.
I am so confused
As to who I love and hate..??
I just wish I knew what to do..
Or is this my stupid fate..???
Some thing inside me has died
Wish I cud revive the dead
But I am confused as u already noe
Everythings mixed up in my head.

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