Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It’s the most overrated word
Everyone writes about it
You watch movies
And wish ur life was like it.
You read novels
And then, want true love
And again here I am
Talking bout love.
Well ive read and watched
Understood what its like
But no1s ever come
To make me feel hw its like.
Ive been waiting
And it seems years
When I am only nineteen now
How many more years.
I am waiting for my mr. right
So as they say
But I want to have my set of wrongs
Before that day.
It may sound offensive
And unlike what you see(in the movies)
But I wanna have fun
Before I settle down for thee.
Every1s dreaming of their prince charming
On a horse he’s riding
But I think want him to come late
When im done experiencing.